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Laser Pilot 655/1064 WDM

Laser pilot 655/1064WDM is used for piloting the 1064nm invisible laser into the right position through 655nm red light. Lightcomm uses fused technique to build the components. It is characterized with high power, compact size and low cost. It is ideal products used for fiber laser and instruments applications.

Key Features

* Low Excess Loss

* Low PDL

* High Stability and Reliability

* Pilot Wavelength can be 633nm etc


* Fiber Lasers System

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Laser Pilot 655 1064 WDM.pdf



655/1064 WDM

Operating   wavelength (nm)


Fiber   Type

Com   & 1064nm ports

Nufern 1060XP   (compatible with Hi1060)

655nm   port

Insertion   Loss (dB) @ 655nm to Com


Insertion   Loss (dB) @ 1064nm to Com


Isolation   (dB) @ 655nm at 1064nm port


Isolation   (dB) @ 1064±10nm at 655nm port


Isolation   (dB) @ 1064nm at 655nm port


Polarization   Dependent Loss (dB)


Return   Loss (dB) @ 1064nm


1064nm Power   Handling (W)


Package   Size (mm)


*   The above specification is without connector.

*   Other specifications can be made on customer request.